Top 3 Habits that IMPROVE Sleep

Getting enough sleep seems to be a big problem these days. With all the commotion and stress in our daily lives, our sleep has suffered tremendously. Luckily, it is not beyond repair. Developing routines with each of these habits can greatly improve sleep quality and overall health.

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Exercise can be a major factor in how well you sleep. Our bodies need movement. This movement is essential in preparing your body to take advantage of the sleep that nature has in store for you. While exercise is a major key to sleep success, you want to refrain from strenuous activities too close to bedtime. Exercise can cause excess cortisol in the body which may affect your ability to get a good night’s rest.

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Eating about the same amount of calories the same time everyday is a good way to start. Planning your meals and getting into a consistent groove may help you make better eating habits. Eating too close to bedtime can disturb digestion and negatively affect your sleep.

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Meditating or relaxing an hour or so before bedtime may help you fall asleep faster. Quiet time with dim lighting signals your brain to start releasing the chemicals that induce sleep. We are solar powered by design. When we use dim lighting our bodies start to prepare ourselves for sleep. Be sure to set aside a little time for yourself as a kind of sleep preparation ritual. Doing this on a consistent basis at the same time every evening may help.

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