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“Bed in a Box” or “Mattress in a Box” NOT a long-term solution

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Here’s Why…

A mattress is supposed to support the weight of one or two adults for an eight hour period for at least 10 years in order to get the most out of the investment in a quality mattress. The “Bed in a Box” industry has a big problem here. In order to make a mattress that will be up to the task, you need a solid support core that will offer neutral spinal alignment and be free from excessive sagging.

For the Bed in a Box companies to keep shipping cost low they must compromise the quality of the core and compress the whole mattress down to a pancake size and roll it up. Then it will fit nicely into the box. The “Bed in a Box” company saves greatly on cost and the consumer gets stuck with a mattress that will likely not last very long.

Let’s Compare…

We HAD to inspect the interior belonging to these “Bed in a Box” mattresses. Just look at the difference between the boxed mattress and one of our many properly built mattresses in our showroom.

Boxed Mattress Layers
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OUR Mattress Layers
layers comparison mattress 2023

Another red flag on the “Mattress in a Box” model is the lack of time tested product research. Most of the online companies are pretty new to mattress making and really don’t have enough time tested data to know if the mattress will last as long as they claim. Just search craigslist in your area to see the large number of “Bed in a Box” products that people are trying to unload at pennies on the dollar.

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Mattress Gallery Direct recommends visiting a local mattress store near you to try several options from brands that are well established. Purchasing a mattress from a top name brand that has been in business for 80 to 100 years is a safer bet. Let’s put this issue to bed once in for all (pun Intended).

If it can fit in a little box, it is not fit to be in your home.

Feel free to stop buy any Mattress Gallery Direct in Franklin, Murfreesboro, or Smyrna Tennessee for a full selection of top-quality mattresses.

Bed in a Box Reviews


  1. FIVE STARS for Mattress Gallery DIRECT! I recently made the mistake of buying an Amazon cheap mattress in a box. It was a joke. It didn’t even fully inflate. I went to Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro to check out some better quality mattresses and Waylon was very nice. He showed me several mattress brand from Sealy, Steans & Foster, & Jamison. I fell in love with one of the Marriott Beds by Jamison and it is amazing. I had the delivery guys haul off the cheap Amazon bed and they were shocked at how flimsy it was. Big THANKS the MGD mattress store in Murfreesboro!

  2. We had a Nectar mattress for about a year and it just didn’t cut it. We were still waking up sore and just not well rested at all. We went to Mattress Gallery Direct in Franklin TN. after my Chiropractor recommended we speak with one of their bedding specialists. William helped us select a commercial grade Legendaire mattress with a Chiropractic support zone in the springs. We have been sleeping GREAT! No more soreness in the morning. Check there guys out and save yourself the heartache of buying a Bed in a Box mattress.

  3. I am so glad I found out about Mattress Gallery Direct. I made the mistake of buying a bed in a box mattress online and it was awful! I had it for maybe a year before my back couldn’t take it anymore. So, I went to the mattress store in Murfreesboro TN . by firehouse subs and spoke with Jacob. He helped me select an Awesome mattress made by Jamison. The experience was great. I really wish would have went to Mattress Gallery Direct before I bought the online boxed mattress.

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