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There is a reason Sealy manages to be in the top 3 mattress brands in the world year after year. After 140 years in the business, they have continued to be relevant and innovative. The modern era of Sealy has seen the refinement of their famous Posturepedic technology and the inclusion of some of the most advanced Memory Foam and Gel Technology. We have also seen Sealy branching out into all styles of mattresses including All Foam, Hybrids and even roll packed models that can be shipped in a small box. We applaud the folks at Sealy for going the extra mile to ensure that their products are free from toxins and other harmful chemicals by having their mattresses certified pure by CertiPur.

Is the brand name just ‘Sealy’ or ‘Sealy Posturepedic?’

The name Posturepedic is Synonymous with Sealy. What many people do not know is that not all Sealy mattresses can carry the Posturepedic name. It is reserved for distinctive models that have a special technology. The Posturepedic technology has many benefits. The middle third of a Posturepedic mattress is stronger than the other two thirds. This gives the mattress greater contouring capabilities. This is why many experts agree that the Posturepedic is good for your back. It also makes the mattress stronger in the area where you are the heaviest. That is the secret to the Posturepedics reputation for being one of the longest lasting mattresses on the market. Sealy has expanded this technology into the Crown Jewel line as well. That means you have double the options when it comes to Sealy. Mattress Gallery Direct is currently showing a full line of Sealy mattresses with the Posturepedic technology. Come by and see which model is right for you.

Response Line

sealy response mattress

Conform Line

sealy conform mattress

Hybrid Line

sealy hybrid mattress

What’s in my Sealy mattress?

Sealy uses only the most premium materials in each mattress line. The following mattress components can be found across all styles and comfort levels.

mattress steel coils
Duraflex Edge
tempur memory foam
Response Pro
sealy mattress chilling foam
Sealy Chill Foam
sealy mattress conforming foam
Conform Foam
sealy cooling gel foam
Cool Gel Foam
sealy mattress cooling gel mattress foam
Cool Gel Memory Foam
sealy mattress sense foam
Sealy Sense Foam
sealy mattress support foam
Sealy Support Foam
sealy mattress cushion foam
Sealy Cushion Foam
sealy mattress air foam
Sealy Cushion Air Foam
sealy mattress center support
Sealy Center Support Zone

Sealy Mattress Brand Reviews


  1. We went and bought a mattress this weekend from the Franklin, Tn location. Wasn’t really sure what we were looking for in a mattress but Lee was so helpful and put us on the right track! If you need a mattress go see Lee!

  2. Mattress Gallery Direct is the best place to buy a Sealy mattress in Franklin TN. We shopped at several local competitors and MGD had the best prices and overall customer experience. We got our new Sealy Hybrid mattress delivered 4 hours after our purchase. The delivery crew was waiting in my driveway when I pulled up. Amazing experience purchasing our new mattress! Ask for Steve. He was wonderful to work with.

  3. We had a wonderful experience purchasing our Sealy mattress from Mattress Gallery Direct! We went to several mattress stores in Murfreesboro TN. Lee was very helpful and made the process easy. We haven’t bought a new mattress and box spring in a while and were a little nervous about the whole experience. Mattress Gallery Direct was by far the best palce to buy a mattress in Murfreesboro TN.

  4. I absolutely love my Sealy Hybrid mattress from Mattress Gallery Direct! I went to 3 mattress stores in Murfreesboro before stopping by MGD. They actually had exactly what I wanted in stock and was able to deliver my mattress the same day of purchase. Outstanding service!

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