Adjustable Power Bases

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Get comfortable with an adjustable bed frame. Whether watching TV, reading in bed, or resting in the perfect sleep position, our adjustable power bases offer just what you need. Choose from different styles and many features that make the experience so much better. Adjusting your bed can also have many health benefits. The purpose of an adjustable base is to achieve Zero Gravity position, the most ergonomic position for your body while sleeping. This can aid in circulation, acid reflux, sleep apnea, plus back, hip and neck support. Our Certified Bedding Specialists can help you choose the right base that won’t break your budget.

What kind of Power Base do I need?

Although not everyone may need an adjustable base, everyone can benefit. Many of our perfectly healthy clients are surprised by how much better the experience is once they have added the adjustable base. Aside from the obvious custom head and foot positions, we have power bases with USB ports, wireless remote control, massage, and even an anti-snore feature that adjusts when you start snoring.

zero gravity position

Benefits of Zero Gravity:

• Improves Circulation
• Better Hip, Neck and Back Support
• Pressure Point Relief
• Reduces Snoring and Sleep Apnea
• Reduces Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Adjustable Base Reviews


  1. We just got our new Malouf Adjustable Base delivered from Mattress Gallery Direct in Franklin TN. We absolutely love being able to use the ZERO Gravity function. It should help with my husbands snoring.

  2. We got a crazy good deal on our new mattress and adjustable base from Mattress Gallery Direct! Brian helped us find a Jamison Resort Collection Latex mattress and Sealy Ease adjustable base set up. The other mattress stores in town were going to be at least $600 more for the same thing. We feel like we got a great deal and helped support a local family owned business. That’s a 360 win.

  3. We already had a Tempur-pedic mattress and wanted to get the adjustable bases. We went to the mattress store in Murfreesboro to try some out. Lee helped us pick the perfect adjustable base for our existing mattress. We got one with the anti-snore function which is great. Mattress Gallery Direct had the best deals.

  4. We went to several mattress stores in Murfreesboro and Franklin TN. to check out some adjustable bases for our Tempur-pedic mattress. Mattress Gallery Direct had the best selection and prices. Brian W. helped us pick out the perfect Ergo extend adjustable base for our Tempur-pedic Pro Adapt mattress. The delivery guys were great and we had our adjustable base within 5 hours of our purchase. Best customer service ever!

  5. We got a great deal on our Tempur-pedic Ergo Adjustable base from Mattress Gallery Direct. They had a large selection and knowledgeable sale staff. Great experience!

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