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There has been a lot of confusion over the difference in Tempur-pedic mattresses and traditional Memory Foam. Mattress Gallery Direct mattress stores in Murfreesboro, Franklin, & Smyrna, Tennessee will put this baby to bed.

First let’s start with the main component of memory foam. It all begins with a polymer, which is defined as a substance with large molecules bonded together with many small subunits. Memory foam is made of a plastic polymer called polyurethane. These flexible plastics are combined with different compounds to create a “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam that molds to the shape of your body.

This is where it gets tricky. The “recipes” used to make the foam vary from company to company. The process and chemicals used to create the foam affect the feel and function of the product.

So, what’s the difference in Tempur-pedic and Memory Foam?

TEMPUR® Material is the most advanced foam on the market. Their secret formula uses millions of micro-cells to offer unmatched support and pressure relief, temperature control, and motion separation.

TEMPUR® Material
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Traditional Memory Foam
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TEMPUR® foam is designed to form fit each individual for a truly unique sleep surface. The micro-cells respond to your body’s weight and shape to create the mold and distribute weight evenly. Because of their advanced formula, the TEMPUR® technology reduces pressure points by nearly 100%. Comparatively, traditional memory foam only offers 50% pressure reduction.


While memory foam has a reputation for retaining heat, Tempur-Pedic mattresses have much more advanced breathable technology to create a cool sleeping surface while still maintaining ultimate support and comfort.


The “bounce back” refers to the ability to return to its original shape at the right speed. Foams with a slow recovery lose proper conformability and can cause you to toss and turn. TEMPUR® material has viscous and elastic properties that maximize response to conform quickly, giving you the ability to “sink in” and relax.

Although Tempur-Pedic mattresses may seem expensive, we believe the cost difference is minuscule compared to the benefits. Stop by any location in Murfreesboro, Franklin, or Smyrna TN to try these Tempur-pedic mattresses:

Tempur-Pedic Adapt®

Tempur-Pedic Adapt mattress layers

Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt®

Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Medium Hybrid

Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt®

Tempur-Pedic Adapt mattress layers

Tempur-Pedic ProBreeze®

Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Medium Hybrid


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