What is a Hybrid Mattress?

The whole idea behind hybrid technology was to maximize support AND pressure relief for a much better night’s sleep. Hybrid mattresses have done just that.

Mattresses are constructed with either a coil or foam system. A hybrid mattress is a combination of both worlds.

hybrid mattress graph

However, this simplification has led to a real problem. Traditional springs and cheap foams do not mix well. Not only do they have short life spans, it can’t offer the support you need. A true hybrid uses wrapped coils layered with premium foams.


traditional mattress springs


hybrid mattress technology

With a traditional spring, the foams conform on top but not underneath. Wrapped coils allow the foam to conform properly, giving you ultimate pressure relief. That was the whole idea behind the invention. If you take that away, you’ve ruined the purpose of the hybrid technology.

Premium foams are also an integral part of the hybrid. A weak foam that crushes under your body weight can’t possibly cushion properly between you and the metal springs.


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