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The core of your mattress is the heart of your support. Mattress companies really focus here when designing a mattress that will last long enough for great customer satisfaction and repeat business. Many trusted brands have been using advanced foam cores for decades to create motion separation and conforming comfort. This is where Bed-in-a-Box online mattress companies have a big problem.

A mattress is supposed to support the weight of one or two adults for an eight hour period every night. The most important feature of any mattress is the core support system that holds your body in neutral alignment for a productive night’s rest. How long can it last if the quality of the support core is jeopardized? These boxed mattresses have to be compressed down as small as possible for low shipping costs. Can you see the problem here? The feature that is being used to cut cost is the main feature you need for long term support and durability.

Foam Core Cellular Structure

blog cellular structure loose
Weak Cellular Density
blog cellular structure tight
High Quality Cellular Density
Because of this weak support, up to 40% of the “Bed in a Box” mattresses are returned.

And how do they make up for that loss? By selling this lower quality material at a high premium price! Naturally, without mentioning to the consumer that they are purchasing pork for grass fed beef prices.

Core foams are an open cellular structure that adapts to your weight, shape, and temperature. Good quality foams will adapt faster to changes in position. The cheaper foams harden in cooler temperatures and are stubborn about changing shape. They also trap heat, increasing your chances of overheating throughout the night.

Don’t fall victim to their scheme. Come see for yourself at any Mattress Gallery Direct location.


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