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At Mattress Gallery Direct we listen to our customers and we have found that there are three common questions most people have about Tempur-Pedic:
“What’s the best Tempur-Pedic mattress?”
“Is Tempur-Pedic worth the cost?”
“What’s the best place to buy a Tempur-Pedic online or in a local dealers showroom?”

We have put together an exciting video to answer these questions and many others.

What’s New with Tempur-Pedic?

Tempur-Pedic has introduced their most advanced mattresses to date. The new Adapt, ProAdapt, LuxeAdapt and Breeze models have turned the mattress world upside down. The folks at Tempur have taken NASA’s original memory foam and raised the bar so high the rest of the industry is going to need a rocket ship to catch up. The ultra-contouring and pressure relieving foams combined with the coolest high molecular yarn fabrics are so unique you’ll have to feel it to believe. Stop by any of our five Middle Tennessee locations in Murfreesboro, Smyrna and Franklin/Brentwood to feel what all the fuss is about.

tempur material

Less Motion Transfer

tempur material

More Pressure Relief

tempur material

Conforming Comfort

Adapt™ Collection

Sleep deeper.

Experience legendary technology that conforms to your body while you sleep – with pressure-relieving, motion-reducing, cool-to-the-touch comfort to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • Made with TEMPUR-Material™
  • Pressure Relief
  • Motion Cancellation
tempur-pedic adapt models

Breeze™ Collection

Sleep cooler.

Featuring the latest cooling technologies, the TEMPUR-Breeze® collection can help you sleep cooler with the exclusive Pure Cool® material that can pull heat away from your body all night long.

  • Made with TEMPUR-Material™
  • Pressure Relief
  • Motion Cancellation
  • Cooling Technology
tempur-pedic breeze models

Which model is right for me?

The new Tempur-Pedic collection has the most options in comfort from firm to soft than ever before. They have cooling features that range from neutral to as much as 8 degrees cooler. The only way to pick the right model for you is to take a hands-on approach and try them side by side. While they can be purchased online, we believe that a little extra effort will pay off big. At Mattress Gallery Direct we carry a full line of all the new Tempur-Pedic models for you to experience. Allow one of our noncommissioned associates to guide you through all the features and feels they have to offer. Our on staff Sleep Science Coach has given them the tools they need to help pair you with the correct mattress. We have a selection process that most clients find easy, logical and fun.

What’s in my Tempur-Pedic mattress?

tempurpedic washable mattress cover
Easy Refresh Washable Cover
tempur memory foam
Tempur-Pedic Proprietary Memory Foam
tempurpedic mattress coils
Individual Pocket Coils

(hybrid models)

tempur base foam
Tempur-Pedic Designed Base Foam

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Reviews


  1. I love my new Tempur-pedic Pro Adapt Medium form Mattress Gallery Direct. We were having lunch at Firehouse subs and just popped in on a whim. I couldn’t believe how comfortable the Tempur-pedic mattresses were. And I had just had lunch so that didn’t help either. I did not want to get off the mattress. The craziest part is that they had it in stock and delivered our mattress within 3 hours of our initial purchase. You really don’t find customer service like that anymore.

  2. We bought a Pro Adapt Firm Tempur-pedic mattress at Mattress Gallery Direct. It is the first mattress we have had that is truly firm. We tried Beautyrest Black and Serta mattresses and they just didn’t offer the support that the Tempur-pedic mattress does. They are not cheap but well worth the investment.

  3. We bought a Pro-Adapt Medium Hybrid Tempur-pedic from the store manager. He made the whole process quick and easy. Fortunately they had the mattress in stock and we got it delivered the next day. Mattress Gallery Direct has earned our future business with great customer service.

  4. Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro TN is by far the most professionally ran mattress store we have ever been to. No need to shop anywhere else. We worked with the store manager to select the perfect Tempur-pedic mattress for my husband and I. We wanted to start the new year right and get our sleep in order. Our new mattress was delivered yesterday and we slept so well last night that I felt I had to write a review to tell everyone about our wonderful experience. Best mattress store in Murfreesboro hands down.

  5. We bought a Pro Adapt Medium Tempur-pedic from another store and then it got back ordered for 6 weeks. Luckily we found Mattress Gallery Direct. They had it in stock and delivered it for free the same day. Wish we would have come here first. Jessy was a great sales rep and hooked us up big time on this one.

  6. Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro has the best selection of Temper-pedic mattresses. We tried several models and decided to buy the Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid and Ergo adjustable base. We love the mattress and base and the company was great to deal with. Our delivery was quick and easy. Best mattress store in Murfreesboro for sure.

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