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Mattress Gallery Direct believes you deserve expert advice when making such an important investment in your sleep health. We have partnered with several local physicians and chiropractors to learn more about sleep health and spinal alignment. We have learned correct posture while sleeping is paramount to getting the rest you need and deserve.

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A proper mattress helps relax muscles, provides good sleeping posture, and gives you a restful night’s sleep. Sleeping on a mattress that’s not right for your body can lead to or worsen upper or lower back pain, neck pain, headaches and more. We give expert advice to target your needs and comfort preferences. That’s why we’re the #1 chiropractor recommended mattress store!

Sleep Science Coach and Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist on staff!

33.3% of our lives are spent sleeping.

Kind of crazy when you think of it. If our bodies where meant to spend that much time in an unconscious state, it must be pretty important. Yet today many treat sleep as if it were just an annoying break that nature forces us to take between all the “real” action. More and more research is being done today on Sleep Science and the importance of getting quality rest. It is actually now believed that a lack of sleep could be a major contributing factor in many health problems and has been linked to early mortality rates.

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Any place can sell you a mattress. At Mattress Gallery Direct we teach you how to select the right mattress and use it properly in order to get the restorative rest you deserve. However, we don’t stop there. We provide you with free resources, tips, and learning to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Let us help you get a better 33.3% so that the other 66.6% can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Download your copy of our complimentary “Sleep Secrets Playbook” that includes everything you need to know to get a better night’s sleep.